‘Kooky Music’ New LP from Simpletone!!

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The second LP from Simpletone ‘Kooky Music’. The clue is in the title everyone!!! Ten weird and wacky tunes from tunes available now on digital download https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kooky-music/id800927700  and CD LP( please contact Simpletunes). But as always for a sneaky peak follow the link below. https://soundcloud.com/simpletoneuk/sets/ko0kie-music-1

The Messengers of God


Available today the long awaited debut album from ‘The Messengers of God’, who have terrorized London with the sweet, sweet sounds of country music for many years. This collection of well loved songs from ‘The Messengers of God’ is sure to get your feet a tappin’ and the tears a rollin’ as any good country

Simpletunes launch Melodified

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Simpletunes is proud to be responsible for making available the debut album from Simpletone titled so perfectly ‘Melodified’. This 11 track LP is a journey, filled with melodies than bring can a smile to your face or a tingle down your spine. We challenge you to listen to this collection of brilliantly crafted pieces of